Sunday, April 27, 2014

The British Isles 2013

    Last June we had a jolly good time in the British Isles.  We were able to visit England, France, Scotland, and Ireland.

Our London hotel room... that we may or may not have blown the breaker out twice...

The London Bridge

The London Eye

Big Ben 

Parliament Building

Buckingham Palace

Phone Booth

Trafalgar Square


The Eiffel Tower

Notre Dame Cathedral

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is real!

Or not... :)

Edinburgh, Scotland

Scottish Highlands

Dunrobin Castle, Scotland

The Earl's Palace in Kirkwall Scotland

Our cute waitress

Glasgow Cathedral

Titanic museum

The Titanic dry docks

Blarney Castle, Ireland

Cute Guernsey Island

Hawaii 2012

   I want to Hawaii in 2010 with my cousin... who's birthday happens to be today (Happy birthday, Tawni), then I went again in 2012, this would be the trip after Australia.  Again, since I never came back to my blog I never posted pics, so I'll post a few now just for the heck of it.

   We split our week between Oahu and Maui.  We went all over both islands.

Because I LOVE how close we were to the turtles, in fact one scrapped my leg up with it's shell when a wave pushed it into me, and I didn't even care, because it was cool! :)

Diamond Head

Waimoku Falls


Iao Valley State Park.

Australia 2011... Only 3+ Years Late

    Since I never posted any pictures from Australia when I got back, I figured I'd post some now.  Anyone who if Facebook friends with me has probably already seen them, but here they are anyway.

   We went to Sydney, Hamilton Island, and then Cairns where we visited The Great Barrier Reef.

We climbed the Sydney bridge, up the side closest to us in this picture, across the middle at the top and back down  to where we started but on the opposite side. No pictures unless we paid for them... lame!

We went on several hikes and enjoyed the beauty of the country. There is a lot of beauty in Australia.

Held a Koala. I wanted to keep him, but it was a no go.

Relaxed and read... like 3 books I think. :)  Long flights provide lots of reading time.

Bad visibility, but the Great Barrier Reef was really cool.

And... a few more of animals and nature, but no more of me. I need to learn how to be more photogenic.  Can you learn that? I think you can.  That's a no goal for me.


Kangaroo I fed.


Petting a dingo.

Wombat. So cute!

okay, here is one with me, jumping at Bondi Beach.

Our feet on Whitehaven beach.

Whitehaven Beach

I guess that is me too, on Whitehaven Beach.

okay, one more with me, on the flight home.